Upgrade Starbucks' Guava Passionfruit Drinks With 2 Fruity Inclusions

If Starbucks' Iced Guava Passionfruit drink is your beverage of choice for cool-down refreshment, you're in luck. One Starbucks barista has a smooth twist with two fruity inclusions that catapult this juicy libation to new heights. Essentially a behind-the-scenes secret menu item, this flavorful tip comes just in time to serve the ultimate in taste-of-summer vibes — complete with a cup-flipping barista demonstration of how this flavor bomb of a drink is made. And honestly, who better to learn about a new drink from than someone who works behind the counter?

Just like its official counterpart — the Iced Guava Passionfruit drink — dubbed the "Guava Passionfruit Smoothie," is a combo of Starbucks' guava juice blend, coconut milk, Frappuccino creme base, and pineapple-ginger syrup (four pumps for a grande). Straying from the official menu to include a scoop of blackberries and a scoop of dragonfruit, delivering a pucker-packed punch of flavor and upping the texture for a totally leveled-up concoction. But that's not the only difference — while the original is a hand-shaken, iced beverage, this iteration is blended, with three pumps of creme base for an end result that is a thick, slushy, fuschia creation suitable for sipping slowly on the beach, the boardwalk, or at a backyard shindig with friends.

How to order a Guava Passionfruit Smoothie

But you won't need to know the fine details of how baristas work their magic behind the scenes at Starbucks to order this delish smoothie because Starbucks barista and TikTok influencer with nearly 2 million followers, Maya Smith who shared this refreshing hack guides you in a recent video on the platform, advising, "Order a guava passion fruit drink blended with a scoop of berries and a scoop of dragon fruit." Just don't forget the creme base or your "smoothie" will be more like an "icy."


order a guava passion fruit drink blended with a scoop of berries and a scoop of dragon fruit!!! #foryou #starbucksrecipe

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Don't live near a Starbucks? No problem. You can also attempt a copycat version using Starbucks' Guava Passionfruit drink. Experiment using as little as four core ingredients: guava juice, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and ginger powder or juice. From there, just add a handful of blackberries and dragonfruit and blend with ice — it's a great excuse to go berry picking.

If you've never purchased dragonfruit, don't feel intimidated. The signs of freshness for this tropical delight with a sweet-tart taste are similar to many other fruits. Look for a vibrant hue and a smooth texture free of blemishes. Like lemons, dragonfruit should be firm overall, with a slight give when pressed with your thumb. But if picking fresh dragonfruit still seems a little daunting, you can always buy frozen or freeze-dried blackberries and dragonfruit. Alright, we won't drag-on about it any longer; just get your hands on this delicious drink — you'll be guava, ahem, glad you did.