The Simple Way To Make Scrambled Tofu With Common Kitchen Staples

An egg-centered breakfast — whether it's a plate of scrambled eggs, a fried egg, or an omelet — is as classic as it gets. But if you're avoiding animal products or can't have eggs (or simply don't love the taste,) scrambled tofu is a healthy, delicious way to start the day — and certainly not only for vegans.

Tofu, known to be a culinary chameleon that can be used in a range of unconventional dishes, takes on a surprisingly egg-like taste with the right seasonings. The majority of recipes for scrambles lean on nutritional yeast to add cheesy flavor to the plant-based protein source. "Nooch” is an MVP ingredient in many vegan dishes due to its ability to add a surprising amount of cheesy, umami flavor. However, if you don't have it on hand or just don't enjoy the flavor, it's not the only way to create a scrambled egg dupe. Basic ingredients you likely have do the trick just as well. 

A blend of spices — turmeric, paprika, salt, pepper, plus a splash of soy sauce — goes a long way. And your condiment selection might not be what you first think of seasoning, but a dollop of Dijon mustard is a secret weapon for adding a kick of tangy flavor plus a tint of eggy color. And if you have it on hand or want to snag it online, black salt is another lesser-known option for transforming once-bland tofu into an egg knockoff that even skeptics will gobble down.

Add in more flavor with creamy fats and veggies

Your mom no doubt told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and like most motherly advice, turns out it's totally true. Bonus points if you can start your day with a protein-rich meal, which provides numerous health benefits and can help keep you full and satisfied. An ideal option? Yep, a tofu scramble. Compared to a plate of eggs, the soybean-based product packs a punch of protein (especially if you opt for an extra firm or extra-protein variety) and contains very little cholesterol or fat. 

While undoubtedly healthy, when it comes to flavor, a tofu scramble can be even further improved with the addition of some healthy fats for some creaminess. Look to options you already have, like a couple of spoonfuls of cream cheese (vegan or regular!) stirred in as you cook your scramble. Tahini is another unexpected ingredient that adds richness to the final dish. And because extra veggies are never a bad idea, toss in some diced onions, peppers, spinach, and mushrooms and sautee in for extra nutrition and flavor. Top your scramble with some sliced avocado or a sprinkle of toasted nuts for healthy fats. Just as there are a million ways to enjoy an egg, the sky's the limit for how to flavor your plant-based breakfast, and no need for bougie or hard-to-find ingredients. Just look to your kitchen pantry.