Egg Whites Are The Ingredient You Need For Fluffier Boxed Pancakes

Who can resist a stack of round, cloudlike cakes drenched in maple syrup in the morning? Whether you refer to them as pancakes, flapjacks, or griddle cakes, fans of the starchy breakfast staple can probably all agree on one thing: the fluffier they are, the better.

And while they may be your favorite menu item to order up at your local diner, there are plenty of ways to ensure you get the fluffiest batch of pancakes when making them at home, from being mindful of your mixing method to switching up your favored flour. Whipping up pancakes from scratch, however, might not be the best option if you're short on time in the morning, which is why many of us turn to a pre-made boxed mix for a quick and easy meal.

When using a store-bought boxed mix, you do have less control over the dry ingredients of your recipe — but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate some extra additions into the batter to ensure the perfect bite. Our pro tip? If you want a fluffier stack of pancakes, always take the time to add some egg whites.

How to incorporate egg whites into your pancake batter

Most pre-made pancake powders only require you to add water and blend, but if you want to achieve a deliciously fluffy stack, feel free to take some liberties. You can add ingredients like almond flour and buttermilk to your mix, for example, but egg whites are perhaps the simplest secret to elevating your boxed pancakes – not least because you can probably already find some in your refrigerator.

To start, you should use one egg white per cup of pancake mix. However, you don't want to pour egg whites straight from the shell into your batter. Rather, you should whip your whites until they thicken and achieve those signature stiff peaks similar to meringue. To ensure they don't deflate or lose their structure, you can also add a dash of cream of tartar to your whites while whisking.

Once they are sufficiently whipped, gently fold the egg whites into your batter, while being careful not to overmix. For one thing, overmixing will toughen the gluten in the batter, resulting in an unpleasantly dense flapjack — exactly the thing you're seeking to avoid. Furthermore, some lumps, air pockets, and streaks of egg white are necessary to ensure that the batter rises.

Once the fluffy whites are sufficiently mixed in, you can start scooping the batter into the hot griddle. The result? Light and airy pancakes that could give your favorite breakfast joint a run for its money. Stack 'em up, sprinkle on some fruit, soak in maple syrup, and enjoy!