The Sweet Glaze Your Potato Pancakes Have Been Missing

Whether they're baked, fried, mashed, or boiled, potatoes have earned a leading role in comfort dishes worldwide. Potato pancakes are a testament to the potato's versatility, ranging from the Jewish latke to the Korean Gamja Jeon. Some recipes add chilies and scallions to the batter, while others stuff potato pancakes with meat, vegetables, and cheese, but most of them come with some type of dipping sauce to brighten them with complementary flavors.

In a viral Instagram post, Indonesian culinary blogger and social media influencer Kharisma skips the dipping sauce and opts to brush a sweet honey glaze over her cheese-stuffed potato pancakes. Honey is a rich, floral sweetener that's as versatile as the potato, pairing well with tangy citrus, earthy, botanical herbs, and savory ingredients like nuts, cheese, and meat. Glazes are quick and simple to make, and the flavor pairings are endless for both honey and potatoes.

Kharisma kept her glaze simple, blending honey, butter, and fresh parsley over medium heat before brushing it over freshly fried potato pancakes. The butter and honey are enough to complement the earthiness of the potato and the savory cheese, while also upgrading the texture with a luxuriously sticky and binding outer sheen.

Honey glaze ideas for different potato pancakes

There are countless different potato pancake recipes, giving you a world of possibilities for honey glaze flavors. A common accompaniment for traditional Jewish potato pancakes is apple sauce, which complemens the salty savoriness of the potato and egg along with the aromatic bite of the onion. You could convert this tradition to an apple glaze, using apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

A Korean potato pancake with scallions would work beautifully with a sweet soy glaze or spicy ginger and sriracha glaze. Herbs infuse easily into honey and their distinct flavor shines through the sweetness. So, using fresh or dried herbs like oregano, thyme, or rosemary would bring a sweet, savory, and earthy trifecta to your potato pancakes.

If you're making a ground beef stuffed potato pancake, you could make a garlic honey glaze with balsamic vinegar. You could also blend honey with black pepper and Worcestershire sauce for a sweet and spicy umami pairing.

Maakouda, a potato fritter and popular Moroccan street food, is heavily spiced with cumin, garlic, turmeric, and parsley, would pair well with a cinnamon and smoked paprika glaze. Another flavorful option would be a honey harissa glaze for a sweet and spicy complement to their earthy and aromatic flavor profile.