The Starbucks Secret Menu Hack For Ultimate Peaches And Cream Flavors

With a strategic order placed during your next visit to Starbucks, your drink can remind you of the fresh combination of ripe, juicy peaches and the taste of sweet cream. While many of the secret menu items at Starbucks have long been made public, this order is perfect for warmer days and moments when you need to be reminded of an outdoor picnic or summer days spent outside.

On TikTok, precise instructions to order sweet peaches in liquid form. The recipe begins with determining your preferred size of Iced Peach Green Tea. Drinks can be easily customized at Starbucks, so adding extra peach juice to your drink will help amplify the presence of the taste of peaches in your order. Then, for an extra creamy touch, opt to use heavy cream for a thicker texture or order your drink with coconut milk if you prefer a non-dairy drink alternative. To finish your peachy beverage, ask your barista to include cane sugar for a refreshing, energizing boost of sweetness. 

You can also opt for a Frappuccino

This milky peach tea can be customized to your liking with extra pumps of vanilla and classic syrup added to your drink to bring even more sweetness to your order. For a colder, icier version, ask your local barista to blend a Vanilla Sweet Dream Frappuccino with peach juice, vanilla bean powder, and a cream base. Once the drink is blended until smooth, the poured beverage can be topped with foamy whipped cream for an extra sweet treat that is sure to brighten any afternoon. 

Whether you decide to order the milky tea or Frappuccino version of the peach and cream flavor, enhance your drink with drizzles of caramel or honey, or add sprinkles of powdered cinnamon and chocolate for an extra boost of sweetness that will surely have you dreaming of summer holidays and freshly sliced peaches served with homemade honey whipped cream.