Patatosalata Is The Mayo-Free, Greek Potato Salad You Need To Try

Greek dishes are famous around the world, from spanakopita and moussaka to gyros and halloumi. While pita and phyllo pastries are some of the nation's more prominent carbs, Greeks love their potatoes just as much as their baked goods. They've mastered the art of fries, wedges, and the famous lemon roasted potatoes, but another potato dish that's popular in Greece is patatosalata.

Patatosalata is the Mediterranean's answer to a classic Southern potato salad recipe, made with boiled waxy potatoes, chopped onion, and a classic yet simple Greek salad dressing. If you're bored of the same old mayonnaise-based potato salad, patatosalata will bring a zesty new twist to your dinner table or backyard cookout. It's a light, low-cholesterol, vegan-friendly potato salad that's easy and affordable to make.

Mayonnaise and eggs give a traditional potato salad a deliciously creamy texture, but when you want something less heavy, patatosalata is dressed with a tasty mixture of olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and freshly cracked pepper, providing a rich and tangy coating that enhances the earthiness of the potato without weighing it down. The dressing also provides a zesty marinade for the chopped onion that softens its pungent bite and brings out its sweetness. Best of all, this versatile side dish pairs as well with grilled fish as it does with barbecued chicken.

How to make Greek patatosalata

Like most potato salad recipes, Patatasolata starts with boiling small, waxy potatoes. Waxy potatoes are best for boiling because they won't absorb too much water, thus maintaining their shape and meaty texture. For a lovely visual, you can use a variety of small potatoes with different colored skins. It's important to check the potatoes for doneness after 10 minutes to ensure they don't overcook. Once they're ready, drain the boiling water immediately so they don't continue to cook.

While the potatoes boil, you can dice a red or white onion and prepare the salad dressing by blending crushed or minced garlic with olive oil and lemon juice. When the potatoes are ready and drained of their cooking water, add them to a large bowl with the diced onion, then pour over the dressing and season generously with salt, cracked pepper, and chopped parsley.

Different variations of patatosalata include adding more salad ingredients, like kalamata olives, crumbled feta, capers, and chopped red bell peppers. Others add Dijon mustard and Greek yogurt to the dressing to bring its heft and flavor closer to the traditional mayo-based potato salad.