Lemonade Is The Sweet Hack You Need To Keep Apples Looking Fresh

Apples are a favorite fruit among many, and what's not to love? They're crunchy and delicious, and could be sweet or tart depending on the type.

Well, there is one thing not to love: how easily apples brown after they're cut open. For those who don't want a full apple, leftover apple slices are essentially wasted, as they won't stay fresh very long. But, as it turns out, there's an easy hack to avoid this, one which few would suspect: Lemonade.

It may seem a bit unconventional, but using lemonade to keep apples fresh really works. Some may have heard that lemon juice can keep apples fresh, so it makes sense that lemonade would work as well. However, with lemonade, a sweeter taste is the end result, instead of the sourness that occurs when employing lemon juice. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that using lemonade will make the apples sweeter than normal, as well as adding a bit of extra sugar.

Other ideas to keep apples fresh

For those who would prefer to not use lemonade or lemon juice, opt for a different kind of citrusy juice, such as pineapple or others (it will impact the taste of the apples a bit). It needs to be a citrus juice, because the citric acid is what slows down the browning process. 

Some might want to go directly to the source and use citric acid powder; sprinkle it over the slices, then, after a few minutes, rinse off the acid — but this method is not fool-proof in terms of adding tartness to the taste. One final citrusy route to take is to use a lemon-lime soda, such as Sprite or 7-Up, which contains citric acid but won't make the apples nearly as tart after soaking them in a bowl.

Then there's the option of submerging the apples in plain water with a paper towel over the top. Throughout this process, the apples are kept from air exposure (which is what leads to browning). Keeping with the bowl of water, add either honey or salt to the water. The salted apples will need to be rinsed off to avoid a salty taste, but the honeyed apples will not be impacted much in taste.

Finally, there's always the Tupperware option — a good Tupperware container will be air-tight and, thus, should keep the apples from air exposure (and browning).