Upgrade Starbucks Oatmeal With Fruity Inclusions

Whether the focus is saving money or creating a unique drink, there are seemingly endless hacks for enhancing your trip to Starbucks. Many of these tips have to do with the beverage options, so it is about time we give some attention to Starbucks' food section, namely its oatmeal. If you've ever ordered the oatmeal before, you know it comes with the choice to include brown sugar, nuts, blueberries, and other dried fruit. That is already a good number of toppings, but it turns out there's another way to upgrade your oatmeal using a customization usually reserved for drinks.

According to a Starbucks barista onĀ Reddit, asking for "strawberry inclusions in the oatmeal" is the perfect way to improve this hearty snack. Inclusions are freeze-dried fruits used in Starbucks' refreshers like frozen dragon berries, limes, blackberries, and strawberries. Even though the inclusions are used exclusively for refreshers, there usually isn't a charge for extra, so there's no harm in asking your barista to add some to your oatmeal.

Customizing your Starbucks oatmeal

As there is such a variety in the type of inclusions you can ask for, the possibilities for customizing your oatmeal are greatly expanded. Both strawberries and blackberries will go excellently with the blueberries that are already provided, creating a tart berry medley that's perfect if you want a more traditional bowl of oatmeal. Dragon berries taste similar to kiwi and will give your oats a tropical spin. Lime might be the most adventurous inclusion to add to your oatmeal, but who knows? You might just find your new go-to Starbucks snack.

Frozen fruit isn't the only way you can upgrade your oats. When you order, either in person or online, you can request a splash of creamer. This can include milk, dairy-free alternatives, or even vanilla sweet cream. Adding a bit of creamer will give your oats a creamier texture, and a slightly sweeter taste. If you're picking up your oatmeal in-store, you could also sprinkle on some cinnamon or nutmeg to add some extra warmth to your meal.

With so many options to add to your oats, you might want to try new things until you find the combination of inclusions that you like best. To really make your next Starbucks order special, ask for some inclusions with your oatmeal and enjoy the extra fruity taste.