Sweetgreen Debuts New Green Goddess Ranch Dressing Potato Chips

For those looking for a snack that combines a zingy salad dressing flavor profile with a crispy potato chip base, Sweetgreen and Siete Foods have just the product for you. In its first-ever potato chip partnership, the popular salad restaurant Sweetgreen has announced the launch of Green Goddess Ranch Potato Chips with a Hint of Poblano, a new snack that will be sold exclusively at its over 200 brick-and-mortar stores.

Sweetgreen is known for its championing of organic, fresh produce and — more recently — its adoption of a revolutionary automated technology in its stores. The other half of the partnership, Siete Foods, is a Mexican-American brand based in Austin, Texas, and is devoted to offering healthier options for traditional convenience snack food. Both companies are using this "partnerchip" to introduce customers to a better-for-you snack that fits well with Sweetgreen's overall health-oriented mission. As Miguel Garza, CEO and co-founder of Siete Foods, mentioned in a press release sent to Tasting Table, "We feel connected to Sweetgreen's focus on building healthier communities and wanted to develop a product that represents our shared vision." So what can you expect from this newest chip debut other than crunchy, savory deliciousness? 

A salad and potato chip crossover

The new Green Goddess Ranch Potato Chips are made through kettle cooking, a small-batch operation where chips are dumped and fried in a kettle filled with oil rather than on a conveyor built. In addition, Siete opted for using avocado oil to ensure that the chips are both gluten- and dairy-free for those with sensitive diets. The bulk of the chip's flavor is a nod to Sweetgreen's exclusive cult-favorite Green Goddess Ranch dressing, an herby combo that plays well with the added dash of smokey poblano peppers.

As Sweetgreen co-founder Nicolas Jammet mentioned in the press release, "We're excited to take the flavors of our wildly popular Green Goddess Ranch dressing and create an exclusive product for our Sweetgreen customers." Still, if you'd like to try something more classic, Sweetgreen will also be offering Siete's classic Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips at its stores.

From August 15 onward, you can purchase Sweetgreen's inaugural chips at one of its restaurants for $2.50 a bag. Consider it a crunchy, potato crouton accompaniment to one of the many fresh salad items on the menu — or a perfect snack to save for when you need a flavorful midafternoon pick-me-up.