Follow This Simple Tip To Achieve Flawless Brownie Swirls

There are few things more visually spectacular than a batch of swirled brownies. Whether it's a sharp chevron pattern or dreamy whirls, the shapes you twirl into a brownie act as a one-two punch of decoration and flavor. Still, it's not an easy trick to execute.  

Getting that design is particularly difficult when the swirl in question is made of peanut butter, which can often sink into the brownie batter during the baking process, ruining your artistically swirled pattern. It's a consequence of pairing two mixtures with differing consistencies: The thick, stolid peanut butter is likely to melt into the more liquid brownie batter featuring melted butter and chocolate. But fret not — that mesmerizing brownie swirl that seems impossible to replicate at home is possible; you just need a little bit of science on your side. 

The secret to superb swirls? Freeze your brownie batter and pipe your peanut butter. In a matter of minutes, you'll have firmed up the loose batter enough to hold up that ribbon of peanut butter you want to apply. Then, by using a pastry bag to apply your marks, you'll have the control to make perfect swirls.

A cool secret to brownie swirls

As chocolate and peanut butter are natural flavor companions, know that you can apply a peanut butter swirl to any brownie recipe you desire — the sky's the limit. It works less effectively in brownies that have mix-ins like nuts, which can mottle the top and clump up your swirls, but it'll still be a welcome addition. Once you've prepped your batter and poured it into the pan, you'll freeze it for a total of 10 minutes.

While your batter is chilling, place your peanut butter into a pastry bag and make a small cut at the tip. (If you're lacking the fancy materials, just use a zip-top bag and snip off a corner.) Next, you'll remove your batter from the freezer and begin piping abstract swirls with your peanut butter. Alternatively, you can dollop and swirl the peanut butter with a butter knife, but it's easier and cleaner to pipe delicate ribbons with a bag.  

Once you bake the brownies, you'll be happy to see that the swirl sticks its landing. You just have to wait for a proper cooldown before you can enjoy the tasty and beautiful fruits of your labor.