Combine Starbucks' Grilled Cheese And Egg Bites For The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

As early birds flock to Starbucks for their morning pick-me-up, many take beverage creation into their own hands. Although food hacks have yet to find quite the same fame, some patrons have discovered new ways to change up their hot breakfast, too. And there's one barista-approved food hack with minimal assembly that's sure to elevate your grilled cheese game.

Most Starbucks breakfast sandwich fillings are stacked on a croissant or English muffin. But the brand's grilled cheese is sandwiched by hearty sourdough slices that provide a satisfying crunch while standing up well to their stretchy cheddar-and-Gruyère filling. Still, a little out-of-the-green-mermaid-paper-bag thinking can't hurt. For a hack that's extra enough to kick-start another great day, order the grilled cheese along with Starbucks' bacon and Gruyère egg bites and a portion of zingy sriracha (optional, but advisable).

Putting it all together is a cinch. Lightly mash your egg bites to slot them between the crispy sourdough and melty cheese. Squeeze over a dollop of sriracha for a touch of heat. And ... that's it! Tuck into your crispy, creamy, barista-approved sandwich with a difference.

Why this sandwich hack works

While the Starbucks version of this comfort food classic forgoes the traditional combo of American cheese and white bread in favor of the more deeply flavorful sourdough, the merits of this food hack don't end there. Monterey Jack and aged Gruyère (matured for more umami goodness) feature prominently in the bacon-and-egg bites, combined with eggs cooked sous vide (i.e. vacuum-sealed and cooked slowly in a water bath) for a richer, smoother mouthfeel. The bacon itself? Applewood-smoked for a sweet-and-smoky crunch. And, as Southeast Asia's premier hot sauce, the sriracha is just good sense. With every bite making this protein-packed hack a great way to start the day, we believe in its crowd pleasing powers.

But if you prefer a milder way to wake up, you might like this bonus hack (which comes at no extra cost!). Just order one of Starbucks' plain or everything bagels, toasted or not. Get it with the cream cheese, but ask for a couple — or up to about five! — packets of black pepper. Mix the pepper into the cream cheese with a knife for extra depth in an otherwise pretty vanilla breakfast. Alternatively, go all out on healthy fats by ordering the avocado spread and mixing that peppery goodness into it. Bagelicious!