The Chopped Ingredient Bobby Flay Would Never Want To Face

Bobby Flay can make the best burgers your mouth has ever experienced. His Southwestern food skills can't be beaten, but even the best chefs in the world have an Achilles heel when it comes to ingredients they don't want to work with and Flay is no different. The "Throwdown" host told Food Network that his "Chopped" nightmare ingredient would be flour because he's "not interested" in baking. Sad, but true.

Even though Flay asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas as a kid, he is not much of a baker. The podcast host told Today, "I couldn't believe that you could bake a cake with a lightbulb, and I had to see it for myself." But his curiosity for this childhood toy didn't stick. Mind you, it's not that he can't bake, it's just not his preferred way of expressing his culinary artistry. Flay explained to Delish, "I'm the most impatient pastry chef ever."

His cakes look homemade

It might be too much to digest, but Flay is human. In a self-deprecating manner, he went on to dish that his cakes always look homemade. He told Delish of his German chocolate cake, "It's got a lot of my favorite flavors — chocolate, coconut, pecans — and I always have a hard time getting the layers right, like what they look like. You can always tell my cake is homemade. It's very rustic." That's OK, not everyone needs to make a perfect pie or cheesecake.

And before you think it, Flay isn't trying to be humble. On an episode of "Throwdown," Flay struggled with a challenge to make a wedding cake against a Brooklyn-based cake maker and his tiers looked a little like the Leaning Tower of Pisa when it was all said and done. Still, per People, Flay has flour, among other baking ingredients, squirreled away in his pantry. Just don't expect him to volunteer to bring the bouche de noel or pecan pie to the next holiday dinner.