The Milky, Steamed Drink That Provides Total Flavor Customization

There is nothing like a hot drink to get your morning started or to wind down your evening. For most people, their go-to beverage is coffee or tea, but if you have a caffeine sensitivity or simply don't find those beverages to your liking, there is a third option that is steadily becoming more popular in kitchens and coffee shops across the country. Introducing: the steamer.

A steamer is a simple yet deceptively delicious drink that combines heated, frothed milk with sweetener. While a traditional steamer is made using just sugar and vanilla, creative home cooks and baristas have taken it to new heights by incorporating a wide variety of flavored syrups to tailor the drink to their unique tastes. The result is a warm and creamy beverage that has all of the deliciousness of a latte with none of the coffee, making it widely accessible to be enjoyed by people of all ages, palates, and dietary restrictions.

How to make a steamer

Making a steamer at home is about as straightforward as recipes come. First, choose your milk. Any kind of milk will work in this application, including low-fat and non-dairy milks, but you'll have more success with milks that have a creamy texture and are thick enough to hold up to frothing. Next, heat the milk over the stove or using a specialty steaming tool. Some specialty tools may also froth the milk at this stage. Otherwise, you can do so yourself using a whisk or a frothing wand. Finally, combine the milk and a few tablespoons of your syrup of choice in a mug and stir to incorporate.

Given the wide variety of flavored syrups available for purchase, the flavor possibilities for this drink are nearly infinite. You can keep it simple with a single, classic syrup addition like chocolate or vanilla, or you can get adventurous with exotic flavors like lavender, bourbon caramel, or even prickly pear. We recommend going all-in and using multiple syrups at once to create mouthwatering flavor combinations like peppermint chocolate, hazelnut caramel, or even raspberry pistachio. With a drink that is so easy to make, the only limit is your imagination.