Skip The Extra Step Of Boiling Chicken Drumsticks Before Grilling

Whether you're a newbie or a certified grillmaster, learning a few essential grilling tips and tricks doesn't hurt. Through the summers of standing behind the flame, you'll discover the difference between using propane and charcoal, how to deglaze the grill, and why you should always let the meat rest after cooking. Despite all this knowledge, there's still a myth that persists when it comes to grilling: you have to boil your chicken before setting it on the grill.

The tip itself isn't bad, as boiling your chicken beforehand ensures that the internal temperature hits 165 degrees before the outside chars. However, grilling the chicken won't just cook the outside, but the inside as well. Although pre-boiling will slightly shorten the time your chicken has to be on the grill, unless you have a large amount of food to get out quickly, this step is unnecessary.

As long as you keep an eye on the grill and regularly check the temperature, your chicken should be done in no time. And while boiling chicken ahead of grilling can also give you juicy meat, there's a better way to achieve that.

Do this for juicy chicken every time

If you still want tender, juicy chicken without pre-boiling, try marinating it instead. Seasoning your chicken before cooking is already a must, as the bird can be quite bland on its own. Instead of simply using a dry rub or sprinkling on some seasoning while it's on the grill, use a liquid marinade. This can help to infuse the chicken with extra flavor and moisture.

After cleaning and tenderizing your chicken, choose your preferred marinade. You can opt for a store-bought one or make your own, like in this tahini-marinated Mediterranean grilled chicken recipe. 

Whatever marinade you choose, simply fill a large bowl or freezer bag with the mixture and gently place the chicken inside. Let it sit on the lowest shelf in the fridge for anywhere from two hours to overnight. When you're ready to cook, wipe the excess marinade from the surface of the chicken to avoid thick globs that can burn up on the grill.