No Shaker? No Problem. The Monarch Cocktail Doesn't Need One

You can make plenty of cocktails without a shaker. An old fashioned is maybe one of the simplest recipes that come to mind when thinking about shaker-less refreshment preparation. Nothing beats a peach bellini on a hot summer day, and it doesn't really get simpler when it comes to cocktails; if you've got sparkling wine and peach puree you're off to the races. But if you're looking for a drink that doesn't require a shaker to make, is a little more sophisticated and a bit more delicate than a whiskey cocktail or a sparkling sugar bomb, look no further than The Monarch.

Like any proper martini, The Monarch begins with a dry gin, followed by pamplemousse liqueur and Lillet rosé. Add a dash of Peychaud's bitters in a glass with ice and stir. The key is to stir so that the ice dilutes the drink mixture just enough to help balance the flavors. While no shaker is required to make The Monarch, you'll want to have a strainer, preferably a Hawthorne strainer, on hand.

Stirred not shaken

Shannon Tebay is the head bartender at The American, located at the Savoy Hotel in London, and they're the mastermind behind The Monarch cocktail. This is a drink with hints of berry and orange blossom, rounded out by citrus acidity from its grapefruit essence — both from the pamplemousse liqueur as well as the garnish of grapefruit served in the martini glass. Tebay discovered that stirring the drink instead of shaking creates a velvety mouthfeel and helps to preserve the nuanced flavors of some of the more delicate ingredients. 

Tebay recommends adding the ice to the mixing glass last and stirring it for about 40 seconds to achieve ideal ice melt. Stirring martinis this way helps to blow off some of the ethanol burn and make your cocktail more palatable. Of course if you like a stiffer drink, stir yours for a shorter period of time. The classic martini stirring rule is to achieve 50 rotations around the mixing glass before straining and serving.