Biscuits Are The Star Of Marcus Samuelsson's Flavorful Breakfast Sandwiches

Leave it to a master chef like Marcus Samuelsson to take an average recipe, make a few tweaks, and deliver a dish that is unforgettable. And that's exactly what Samuelsson, of Harlem's Red Rooster fame, has done with standard biscuits. 

When making the deliciously textured vehicles for his Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich and Tomato Jam, Samuelsson adds the extra element of brown butter to lend a nutty, rich nuance to the recipe, which he shared with Food & Wine. When butter is cooked beyond the melting point, the milk solids in the butter brown and the taste of the butter turns from the typical creaminess to a delightful, subtle nuttiness. Browning butter is something that can be done in your own kitchen, but be sure to stir the butter so that it doesn't burn. Paired with buttermilk biscuits taken fresh out of the oven, Samuelsson's fluffy biscuits are ready for layers of fried ham and eggs, sprinklings of cheese, and the unexpected addition of a sweet and tangy jam that he makes from scratch. 

A vehicle for delicious dishes

With his Food & Wine recipe, Samuelsson suggests that biscuit fillings can make the dish, and the perfect combination of tomato jam, ham, and eggs results in a breakfast that will leave diners asking for seconds. Whatever biscuits are left over after serving the first and second rounds can be placed in a sealed container and heated up for the next meal's enjoyment. Your tomato jam won't go to waste, either, as the refreshing condiment can be slathered not only on top of morning biscuits and bagels but also added to hearty pieces of protein or burger buns to serve for tonight's supper.

You may have a difficult time leaving any spoonful of this tomato jam behind in a jar, however, and when fresh-out-of-the-oven biscuits are dressed with fresh herbs and cracked pepper or a spoonful of salted butter, you may find that your homemade baker's dozen quickly disappears.