Mix In Some Sour Cream To Make Refried Beans Smooth And Creamy

Refried beans, made fresh at home or store-bought in a can, pair perfectly with scrambled eggs, tacos, in a quesadilla or salad, and so much more — but there's always a way to elevate the dish to the next level. If you want your refried beans to be smoother and creamier, sour cream is the secret ingredient to get the job done. 

This trick works with canned refried beans, but it's also a kitchen hack to keep in mind if you make refried beans from scratch and they don't have the proper texture. How much sour cream should you use? Most recipes suggest a third to a half cup for every 16 ounces of beans. You don't want to use much more than that, or your refried beans will be too smooth. And if you want to add some spice to balance out the texture, consider adding a few dashes of favorite hot sauce.

Making refried beans from scratch

If starting with dry beans, making refried beans from scratch isn't terribly difficult. There are many refried beans out there, but most follow a similar process. Start with selecting the preferred beans; pinto are most commonly used for refried beans, but black or red kidney are delicious alternatives. Soak them in water, and then cook them, but be patient — it can take one to three hours. When the beans are soft and ready according to your recipe, sauté onion and garlic (and jalapeno if some spice is desired), add the cooked beans, and then gently smash the beans into a paste. There are also recipes for Instant Pot refried beans, if in a hurry.

This is where the sour cream comes into play. Add sour cream and combine with the refried beans to get a creamier dish. You can also use Greek yogurt to keep things a bit more healthy. The rest is up to the chef. Add in Tabasco or another favorite hot sauce for some extra heat, stir in some freshly shredded cheese, and don't forget seasonings like salt, pepper, cumin, and onion and garlic powders. Confronted with refried beans leftovers? Use them to top nachos, make a batch of taco dip, serve with fried eggs and avocado for breakfast, or smear them in a torta or quesadilla.