Go Beyond Salads And Use Ranch Dressing To Enhance Scrambled Eggs

Ranch dressing is delicious on far more than just salads. You've probably used the creamy, herby dressing on chicken, pizza, or in a dip or marinade. Honestly, the classic dressing tastes better on these foods than it does on a salad. But we have a new way for you to use that bottle of ranch in your fridge: Fold it into your scrambled eggs. Why? Not only does it elevate the flavor of the eggs with a herby tanginess, it also keeps them creamy and fluffy in a similar way that adding cream cheese or sour cream does to scrambled eggs.

It might sound like an odd combination, but trust us, you won't regret adding ranch dressing to your scrambled eggs. About a tablespoon or two for every two eggs should suffice, so don't overdo it or your eggs might go from creamy to watery. Because ranch dressing has lots of flavor from seasonings like dill, parsley, and garlic powder, you won't have to season your scrambled eggs with much more. Salt and pepper will be enough along with the ranch dressing. Don't have ranch dressing? A packet of dry ranch seasoning mix will also add those flavors to scrambled eggs, but you won't benefit from the creaminess of the actual dressing, so don't forget to add in cream or milk too.

Other ways to elevate scrambled eggs

If ranch dressing isn't enough to enhance your scrambled eggs, we've got some other tips for you. You can add some onion, peppers, spinach, or other vegetables on hand, because scrambled eggs are a great way to use what you have left over in the fridge to avoid food waste. Ranch dressing pairs well with many other flavors, so whatever vegetables you have in the fridge will work. If you want meat in your breakfast, throwing in some ham or crumbled sausage also sounds like a delicious pairing for the herby dressing.

Not a fan of ranch but still want to make your scrambled eggs more delicious? Don't worry, we've got you covered. As we mentioned before, cream cheese is a delicious option to add to your scrambled eggs because it will make them cheesy and fluffy without having to use shredded cheese and milk or cream. You can still add some shredded cheese too if you want more flavor profiles. And if you want to avoid the extra dairy, add Dijon mustard for some tang, soy sauce for more umami, or simply garnish with fresh herbs like parsley.