Crank Up The Flavor Of Roasted Cauliflower With Fresh Citrus

Cauliflower possesses enough flavor to be eaten on its own. Delicately sweet and nutty with a biting, bitter aftertaste, the vegetable doesn't need to be dressed up in order to be enjoyed. From cauliflower rice to mashed cauliflower, a lot is going on in all its forms. However, adding a dash of salt, pepper, and whatever spice only brings more flavor.

Adorning your cauliflower with either garlic and red pepper flakes or parmesan and Italian seasoning is a common way to enhance the flavor. Another addition you should make to your cauliflower? Freshly squeezed citrus. The fruit always adds brightness to any dish or cocktail, balancing out the salt in a meal.

A squeeze of lemon is the typical choice when it comes to cooking, but you don't have to limit yourself to only that. When making a marinade or dressing for your roasted cauliflower, choose between lemon, orange, or lime based on the flavor profile you're aiming for.

How to use fresh citrus when roasting cauliflower

After rinsing and chopping your cauliflower, sprinkle on some salt and pepper and roast it in the oven. Next, gather the ingredients you'll need for your dressing. If you want your cauliflower to taste fresh and aromatic, use lemon. The citrus pairs well with herbs, namely thyme, basil, and rosemary. Mix the dressing with olive oil and a dash of honey, topping it off with sliced almonds.

Although lemons get all the praise, oranges are an underrated citrus to cook with. For cauliflower that's fragrant and fiery, use spices like cardamom, ginger, cumin, and nutmeg. The warm spices balance out the sweetness of the orange and enhance the inherent nuttiness of your cauliflower. Stir some toasted sesame seeds into the marinade for some takeout-inspired cauliflower.

Brighten up your cauliflower with a zesty lime marinade. The bright green citrus is amazing with mint and chili pepper, bringing a summery vibe to your roasted cauliflower. Add in crunchy green onions and some cilantro to tame the acidity of the lime.