The Kitchen Tool Substitute When You Don't Have A Cocktail Jigger

There is no shortage of bars these days where you can order and enjoy a finely crafted cocktail. However, going out all the time for drinks can get pricey real quick, especially at fancier establishments. If you fancy yourself a budding mixologist, or like to throw frequent parties, then you might already have a fairly comprehensive set of bartending tools for your home bar, complete with a cocktail shaker and strainer, not to mention the many different types of cocktail glasses you need to properly enjoy different drinks.

One item that's typically considered an essential bartending item is the cocktail jigger. A jigger, which usually features two different-sized cups (often 1 ounce and ½ ounce or 1½ ounce and ¾ ounce) joined together, allows you to measure out drink ingredients precisely. What if you don't have a cocktail jigger, and aren't experienced enough to free-pour the different components of a drink accurately? Don't despair, as you can use a standard kitchen tool that most kitchens will have: a measuring spoon.

Kitchen tools to the bar rescue

A good cocktail is, first and foremost, a well-balanced drink, which makes being able to make precise measurements especially important when crafting a cocktail. A cocktail jigger is a convenient tool, as it usually comes in the most common measurements for cocktail ingredients (which are often in ½-ounce, ¾-ounce, 1-ounce, 1½-ounce, and 2-ounce increments). But a cocktail jigger is not the only way to measure liquids precisely. While it may take slightly more work and a little bit of math, a measuring spoon will work just as well once you know that one tablespoon equals ½ ounce. Depending on the measurements, simply use different multiples of tablespoons (though if you're making batches of cocktails, you can make your life easier by grabbing a measuring cup instead, with a ¼ cup equaling 2 ounces).

So don't let the lack of professional bartending tools stop you from making tasty cocktails at home. You don't need a cocktail shaker to shake up your drinks as you can use a mason jar or travel mug instead. Nor do you need a cocktail spoon to stir your drinks when a chopstick will work just as well. And you definitely don't need a jigger when you can use the humble tablespoon instead. Spend your money on high-quality liquor and mixers instead.