How Long Does Slow Cooker Pot Roast Last In The Freezer?

While pot roast might not be the fanciest of dishes, it's definitely one of the most comforting meals. A staple in most households thanks to its ability to deliver incredible flavors and melt-in-your-mouth textures, pot roast doesn't require standing over a stove or countless ingredients. All you need to do is add some meat into a crock pot with your choice of ingredients and a generous helping of broth, before letting time work its magic. This type of beef is also ideal because if there are any leftovers after dinner is finished, it can easily be frozen and used again later. 

Whether you've made too much by accident or have intentionally prepared extra pot roast in an effort to meal prep, freezing is an excellent storage option. In addition to best preserving quality and leading to less food waste in the process, it can also drastically extend the shelf-life of leftovers from days to months, which is especially true of pot roast. In fact, the meal can actually be kept for a maximum of three months in the freezer. But, there is a catch. This lengthy time frame is widely dependent on proper storage.

To ensure slow cooker pot roast lasts months in the freezer, do this

Despite the fact that you can freeze pot roast in its entirety, this may not be the wisest option as meat and vegetables will often react to freezing and thawing in different ways. In an effort to avoid carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables from turning to mush, it's best that they be separated from the beef. This way you can repurpose them immediately into something else like a creamy vegetable soup. However, this choice is entirely up to you.

The next step is transferring the pot roast to a suitable storage vessel. Given the volume of leftovers, this might mean freezing in batches. Either airtight containers or sturdy resealable bags will do the trick to keep things fresh. Once you've added the meat and a splash of flavorful juice to each portion, label everything to keep tabs on their eventual expiration. Then, they can finally be placed in the freezer until need be. 

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that even with proper storage, texture, and taste can be impacted over time. Rather than push pot roast to its limit, aim to consume leftovers within the three-month mark. Likewise, it's also important to remember not to refreeze the beef after thawing — the consequences just aren't worth it. Plus, leftovers can just as easily be turned into new meals, so freeze wisely.