Milk Powder Makes For Convenient And Flavorful Coffee While Traveling

Most of us fuel our daily lives with at least one cup of coffee — whether you're in it for its rich flavor, caffeine content, or both, a cup of joe is quintessential to a busy weekday as much as a relaxing Sunday morning. Even when we escape the daily grind to go on a much-needed vacation, coffee is as essential as ever. Bringing your favorite brand of coffee to brew on the road is easy enough, but transporting a carton of milk to drink that morning cup the way you like is cumbersome at best.

If you're looking for a convenient way to bring milk with you while you travel, try using milk powder. Milk powder is simply dehydrated milk, providing all the same nutrients and flavor but in a much lighter, more transportable package. With a shelf life of at least 18 months,  powdered milk is a great product to keep in your pantry for many trips to come. In fact, if you don't drink milk other than to add it to your coffee, it would benefit your budget and fridge space to use powdered milk exclusively. 

While there are plenty of dried coffee creamers that are equally portable, many of them use synthetic chemical ingredients devoid of nutrients. Coffee creamers also use artificial sweeteners and flavoring agents that change the taste of your coffee. If you're used to adding milk or cream to your coffee, powdered milk will uphold the integrity of the flavor and consistency you're used to much more accurately than coffee creamers.

How to add milk powder to coffee

Milk powder comes in two suitable categories for coffee: Skim/nonfat and whole milk powder. Both powdered milk varieties will add that rich dairy flavor you seek, but powdered skim milk dissolves more easily than whole milk powder. You can add powdered milk directly to your coffee cup or mug while your coffee is brewing or wait until you've poured the coffee to begin adding the powdered milk.

Generally, 1 teaspoon of powdered milk per cup will simulate a splash of milk. It's a good starting point that'll give you room to add more if you want a creamier cup of coffee. You can also add powdered milk to the coffee grounds in a French Press or drip cone to save you the trouble of using a spoon to mix the powder into your coffee.

While powdered milk is an easily transportable and durable product, it is susceptible to certain weather conditions. If you're planning on leaving it in a hot car or taking it camping during a humid season, high temperatures and humidity will affect the taste, nutrition value, and shelf life of powdered milk. You could help protect powdered milk from the elements by placing it inside a ziplock bag or airtight container, storing it in a dark or covered part of your car or tent, and parking or camping in the shade.