Grill Figs For An Aromatic Accompaniment At Dinner Parties

Give your next dinner party a sweet taste of sophistication with the easy addition of grilled figs. When grilled, figs release a tempting, delicate aroma that will fill your home with a warm, inviting scent to signal the arrival of mealtime. From decorating toasted crostinis with slices of the inverted flowers to adding quarters of the grilled treat to proteins you're plating to serve, grilled figs are a fragrant culinary enhancement that can be swiftly incorporated into appetizers and main dishes. 

Simply slice fresh figs in half and place them onto a medium-hot grill with the open face down. Flip the figs over once darkened markings of your grill have imprinted onto the flesh, and let the figs cook until both sides are equally browned. Once the figs are caramelized and warm, plop them into stews or set them into salads for a surprising jammy addition that can make the rest of the ingredients in your recipes pop. For any of the grilled figs that aren't scooped up by guests or incorporated into your dinner party menu, save leftovers to make a homemade preserve that can be spread on top of morning pancakes, waffles, or freshly baked biscuits that are pulled straight out of the oven.

Grilled figs will spruce up a variety of dishes

Think of figs as versatile ingredients that can add an extra sparkle to your dinner gatherings. Your guests' tastebuds will be sent into a frenzy as you present dishes topped with the grilled ingredient. Serve a fig-based appetizer that is approved by Ina Garten and make easy bite-sized pieces of toast topped with goat cheese, grilled figs, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and a drizzle of vinegar. Brie also pairs well with the smoky-sweet flavor of grilled figs, and a wheel of baked brie can be crowned with the grilled slices, honey, pecans, and carefully plucked sprigs of rosemary. 

If you find fresh figs in the market, set the leaves aside for decorative purposes and place the greenery onto your charcuterie boards or woven into part of a fresh table centerpiece. Whatever figs you decide not to grill can be distributed to dinner guests as a classy send-off, and guests can try incorporating the inflorescence into their own dishes at home.