The Ingredients Rachael Ray Uses For A Spiced Up Potato Salad

There are a variety of ways to whip up a unique and delicious potato salad. You can go the classic and creamy route of Southern-style potato salad, drenched in spoonfuls of mayonnaise or opt for a bright and fresh French take on the dish, which includes tart Champagne vinegar and tangy Dijon mustard. You could even source some green beans and shallots, by whipping up this warm German potato salad. But for an unexpectedly kicked-up version, we suggest taking a page from none other than Rachael Ray, and spicing things up in the classic barbecue favorite with a blend of fresh mild peppers and canned hot peppers along with their juices. 

The celebrity chef always seems to have a secret ingredient up her sleeve to elevate even the most basic plates, and when it comes to the tried and true cold side dish, this take on it, which can be found on the Food Network, doesn't disappoint in the least. 

Add peppers to potato salad for some heat and crunch

For spicy food lovers, Ray's added ingredients make perfect sense. After all, potatoes have a mild, earthy taste on their own, so they serve as the ideal base for more robust flavors, whether you're opting for the spicy or herbaceous.

Per her recipe, Ray suggests elevating the taste of spuds by mixing in a chopped red bell pepper along with any of your favorite jarred or canned peppers, from jalapeños to hot pepper rings. The chef then adds a splash of hot pepper juice from the can or jar, and mixes the ingredients with some wine or cider vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil, ensuring a moist and flavorful punch with each bite. It's worth noting that, in addition to infusing the potatoes with a ton of flavor, the peppers also work to round out the texture of the dish, complementing the soft and tender spuds with their distinctive crunch.

Try Ray's additions to potato salad, and you're guaranteed to bring the heat to your next gathering. Just be sure to keep the water flowing for your guests.