How To Get Capers Out Of The Jar Without Dumping Them Everywhere

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We've said it time and time again: keeping a jar of capers on hand is definitely worthwhile. Adding a tart touch to any dish, these little green pearls are packed with incredible flavor. Use them in a creamy sauce, bland salad, or as a salty garnish, and you'll quickly understand that they can make any dish better. Yet despite their flavorful benefits, one drawback to working with capers is that fishing a few out of the jar can create a giant mess. Luckily for you, we've got a hack that'll make the process much simpler.

Much like olives or asparagus spears, pickled capers tend to be packed with brine into long, tall containers known as paragon jars. The idea behind them is that they allow for more effective packaging and easier storage in a crowded fridge. However, the jar's slim shape can also lead to major frustration when extracting just a couple, as its super narrow opening doesn't allow for a traditional spoon or fork to enter inside, often leading to brine spills and runaway beads. 

To avoid dumping capers and brine everywhere, we recommend using the handle of any dining utensil. Those with a flat and wide (almost spatula-esque) shape will get the job done exceptionally well. Just plunge the handle into the jar, and slide the capers up and outwards in an ultimate display of finesse.

Getting capers out of the jar (almost) never requires fancy tools

There is a kitchen gadget for every purpose, caper spoons included. The thing is that, more often than not, these specialized tools serve a very limited purpose, which is why it's usually not recommended to invest in them. Yet, what may prove useless to one person will be helpful to another, depending on the frequency you get it out. If you're a caper lover who's constantly scooping briny beads from the jar, then it may be worth shelling out for this tailored tool; otherwise, stick to what's already in your utensil drawer.

As we've already explained, using a spoon, fork, or knife handle can all prove useful for easily getting capers out of the jar. But you can even find success by using other tools you've got hanging around. Cocktail skewers or marrow spoons are also great alternatives for extracting capers from a jar without fuss. A straight (as opposed to a Y-shape) vegetable peeler can also work in a flash to catch several capers at once while draining the liquid. 

Essentially, the most basic of kitchen utensils hold the power to become the most versatile of tools. It's just a matter of rethinking their function and making them work for you — remember that the next time you're stuck battling the great caper conundrum!