Add A Depth Of Sweetness To Pasta Dishes With Peaches

Summer is the season of stone fruits and we're always on the hunt for unique ways to use these juicy snacks. Sure, you could make a classic peach cobbler, a peach galette, or an easy peach crisp – but if you're looking to think outside the box, try adding these fruits to your pasta dish. If noodles and peaches sound like an odd combo, don't knock it till you try it. Technically, the starring ingredient in tomato sauce is a fruit, so you're not really veering off too far here — and when you heat peaches and break them down, they release their juices and turn into a smooth, succulent sauce.

Plus, when you add noodles and other savory ingredients, you get the perfect sweet-savory juxtaposition in a yummy summer dish. If you've ever had a salad with the fruits (like goat cheese, spinach, avocado, peach combo, for example), you know they balance out other flavors well. And just like a simple tomato sauce, this peachy version comes together quickly and easily.

How to make peach pasta sauce

To make a smooth pasta sauce out of peaches, you have a few options. The simplest is to first pulverize your peach flesh in a blender. Once it's your ideal consistency, you can heat it in a saucepan with ingredients that you normally like in a typical tomato sauce — i.e., salt, pepper, sweet onion, chili paste, or red pepper flakes. If you want to make your mixture a little thinner, you can add some pasta water, and if you want to thicken it up a bit, pour in some evaporated milk. For a completely smooth sauce, you can instead blitz everything together in the blender before heating it up on the stove. You can also, of course, dress up your dish with some chicken, prosciutto, ricotta, parmesan, or fresh herbs on top.

Another popular way to make peach pasta is to combine the fruits with tomatoes, making the perfect summer produce sauce. In this case, you'll want to heat up your diced tomatoes and peaches with a good amount of olive oil or roast them in the oven à la the TikTok feta pasta. Once you've added seasonings and the fruit is cooked, you can toss everything in a blender to make the sauce (with a little pasta water if needed). Then let those sweet juices cling to your noodles and dig in.