The Versatile Egg Custard David Chang Makes Weekly

David Chang is a master of taking classic recipes and making them easy and accessible for cooks of all skill levels, but his microwaved egg custard, a weekly go-to, will have you singing, "Watch it jiggle, see it wiggle," as soon as your spoon touches the surface. Egg custard is typically made with eggs, some type of dairy, and a little sweetener or savory seasonings depending on what your palate desires. This is what makes it such a versatile dish, but Chang takes it to a new level when he makes a traditional Japanese Chawanmushi, which translates to "teacup steamed egg custard."

What you will love about this eggy concoction is when and how you can serve it. Chang wrote on his Instagram, "I cook them in the morning and often serve it chilled or room temp later for lunch or dinner with a bowl of rice and a salad...a perfect meal. If you wanna add anything to this custard feel free...seafood, mushrooms, Lima all works."

Just 14 minutes to cook

"The Next Think You Eat" host states in his Instagram post you can use "broth, mushroom stock or even milk" to make an egg custard, with his preferred liquid being the Japanese stock used in miso soup known as Dashi. He reveals his is seasoned with fish sauce and agave, which he pours into a bowl of eggs and mixes together with chopsticks until it looks like a scrambled egg mixture. And before you do, Chang says don't worry about the frothy egg bubbles because they will not impact the end product.

Chang's demonstration of how quickly and easily it comes together is mesmerizing. Once you pop it into the microwave, it will take just 14 minutes. The Momofuko founder wrote, "If you want to impress your family or friends with one of the best dishes you will ever make...this is it: 7 eggs 1 qt [o]f liquid, 1 [Anyday] bowl, 1 microwave with 40%. That's it." The professional chef goes on in his post to reveal he makes this egg custard "without fail at least once a week" largely because of the ease that the Anyday bowl provides. This specially designed bowl for the microwave serves as a steamer, eliminating the need for the stovetop double boiler.