Use A Spray Bottle To Get The Most Butter On Your Popcorn

Summer means blockbuster movie releases, and you can't have movies without satisfyingly salty, beautifully buttery popcorn. But as spectacular as an in-theater viewing experience can be, sometimes you just want the iconic taste of movie concessions popcorn from the comfort of your couch. Of course, you can opt for a quick and easy bag of microwave popcorn or pop your crunchy snack over the stove. If you're a real popcorn fanatic, you might have gadgets like an air popper or your own popcorn machine.

No matter which method you use, there's always this conundrum: How do you evenly coat the popcorn with butter without over-saturating the top layer or leaving the bottom kernels dry and flavorless? The answer works better than shaking the bag and is more environmentally friendly than wasting a straw every time you want to pipe butter to the bottom. Simply use a spray bottle and your popcorn butter recipe.

The high coverage, low saturation method of using a butter spray bottle evenly coats the popcorn and can help other seasonings stick. Giving the popcorn a light toss helps expose fresh kernels to spray but doesn't require nearly as much cleanup as shaking a popcorn bag to better distribute the butter and accidentally spilling your snack. The straw method delivers butter to the bottom of your bag or bowl but results in pooling and concentrating all that flavor in one spot. Enter the spray bottle.

Get better butter coverage from a bottle

There are tons of ways to create unique and delicious bowls of popcorn, but what could be more classic than butter and salt? Even stacked against other microwave popcorn flavors like cheesy cheddar or tangy barbecue, movie theater butter reigns supreme. Every buttery popcorn lover has experienced the disappointment of otherwise crisp kernels turning mushy after soaking in too much liquid butter. Conversely, we often leave the barren, bland bottom of the bowl untouched. However, a spray bottle can solve all these problems.

Many spray bottles, even the cheapest options, have multiple spray settings, so you can choose how much butter you want from each squirt. We recommend a nozzle setting that offers a fine mist of butter to ensure an even coating. Plus, you can always add more for that mouth-watering buttery taste. With a few basic kitchen staples, you can have your own improved popcorn party at home. For unbeatable popcorn butter, you need 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, 2 tablespoons of unflavored oil, and your choice of salt. Melt the butter and let it cool before mixing in the oil. Spritz to your heart's content, and sprinkle on the salt.