The Flavorful History Of Faygo's Original Rock & Rye Soda

Faygo Soda is proud to be weird. In fact, it has built its entire brand off of its weirdness. Going all the way back to the original Rock & Rye flavor, Faygo has never been afraid to create craft sodas with unique ingredients and inspiration. 

Founded by Russian immigrant brothers Ben and Perry Feigenson in 1907, Faygo has been creating sodas for those who dare to drink differently for 116 years. With more than 60 flavors, there is a Faygo for everyone, but one flavor that has withstood the test of time is their Rock N' Rye. The fourth flavor made by Faygo, Rock & Rye debuted in the 1920s and is still available today — one of six Faygo flavors to still come in a glass bottle and be made with cane sugar. 

The soda is famous for more than its old-timey feel. Faygo has been the drink of choice for rap group Insane Clown Posse and their "Juggalo" fans. At Insane Clown Posse shows, you can often find bottles of Faygo being sprayed around; Rock & Rye is even referenced in their song "Juggalo Juice." The pop cultural significance of Faygo has only been amplified by its dedication to the offbeat path. Rock & Rye is one notable way the company upholds its mission to create unique, delicious flavors. From Juggalos to individualists to soda connoisseurs alike, Faygo today is proud to have become something of a cult classic.

A closer look at Rock N' Rye

Rock & Rye got its flavor inspiration from a cocktail of the same name. The once-popular cocktail was crafted with rye whiskey and rock candy, giving it a malty, sugary flavor profile with hints of citrus and bitters. Faygo's Rock & Rye soda takes inspiration from this flavor profile, with its cherry-cream taste, but is uniquely its own drink. There is debate on whether the drink was meant to be a ready-made mixer for the original Rock & Rye or a prohibition-safe alternative to the cocktail. Either way, the soda has crafted its own origin story in drink history.

If you are eager to try Rock & Rye, whether to re-live memories or because you've never experienced it, you can order the flavor directly from the Faygo website or Amazon. It is best served straight from the bottle or poured over ice; just don't let it fizz over. Rock & Rye is perhaps most closely compared to a Mr. Pibb, but it is still a flavor class all its own. Smooth and refreshing, this soda is ready for a place in your fridge.