The Pantry Staple That Will Eliminate Food Smells From Your Hands

It's not fun to cook a meal for family and friends only to have your hands smell after you've handled the various ingredients. Some of the biggest offenders that contribute to stinky hands are fish, onions, and the smelliest of them all is one of the most flavorful: garlic. That's right, the aromatic favorite used in pasta, chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes can leave quite the stench on your fingers for hours or even a day after handling. But not to worry because in your kitchen pantry, there is probably a box of an essential staple that can rid you of these unpleasant hand odors.

Baking soda has long held a special place in our refrigerators. It helps keep smells at bay in this appliance that is designed to keep cold air in and warm out. But it also locks in all those scents from previous nights' dinners that might stink up the house or cause you to gag when you open the fridge door. This is where baking soda earns its badge of honor and the hype it deserves. But washing your hands with this powdery substance can also remove smells from your fingers and palms of your hands.

Smelly acids be gone

Simply get your hands wet and sprinkle no more than a teaspoon or two of baking soda on them and rub your hands together in the same manner you would with soap. Rinse your hands and the stank away and the offending odor will disappear. 

How does baking soda work its magic? It's all in the science. Baking soda, which is 100% sodium bicarbonate works as a neutralizer, for many of acidic and base-causing odors that make us plug our noses in disdain. However, its ability to soak up acids is on par with "The Green Mile" character John Coffey absorbing pain and illness. In fact, it is more effective at neutralizing acids than bases. It also is at its most optimal when you can spread it out to absorb odors. This is why some people put a sprinkle in their tennis shoes or kids' soccer cleats. So, the next time your hands smell, reach for the baking soda.