The Chef Behind Chili Crisp Sensation Fly By Jing Is Releasing A Cookbook

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If you're a fan of chili crisp, the crunchy, spicy condiment, chances are you're familiar with the cult brand Fly by Jing. Founded by Jing Gao in 2018, this brand of spicy oil was inspired by the Chengdu, Chinese fly restaurant flavors of Gao's youth, which supposedly drew diners like flies. Now, Gao is launching another fabulous culinary product with a new cookbook: "The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp."

The company has experienced wild growth since its humble beginnings on Kickstarter. According to a recent press release, the brand has secured a further $12 million from investors, helping expand to Kroger and Albertsons, adding to its roster of over 4,000 retailers, including, Target, Costco, and Whole Foods. With this latest cookbook, the condiment is continuing to ride a wave of public interest. 

Part recipe collection, part origin story of the meteoric rise of Fly by Jing, the new cooking tome features both personal stories from Gao as well as 85 recipes that feature her signature brand of chili crisp oils. So what can you expect to find within it? 

A fan favorite sauce gets a cookbook

Gao is offering a wide range of recipes that can be enhanced by chili crisp, both obvious and unexpected. Savory recipes for dumplings, carnitas tacos, and crispy fried eggplant share space with caramel-rich ice cream sundaes, poached pears, and even a boozy Negroni. Each finds a unique way to incorporate the Fly by Jing chili crisp into the formula. At the same time, Gao gives an intimate look at starting her own business, from roadblocks to breakthroughs, and how her personal experiences as a Chinese American entrepreneur helped shape her namesake brand.

Those on the fence, consider this strong praise from celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern on the book, "A coming-of-age story, a superb collection of recipes and food tales, and for me a very personal testament to the power of persistent entrepreneurial action ... This book will change your life." 

"The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp" is available for preorder for $32.50 and will be released nationwide on September 26.