The Key To Choosing Ice Cream Flavors For A Party

Whether you are planning an ice cream party for a large group or a backyard barbecue for family and friends, choosing what ice cream flavors to have on hand can cause quite a conundrum. It's easy to have your mind swirling with thoughts of classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, everyone's favorite cookies and cream, an adventurous mint chocolate chip, or even a refined fruity sorbet. There are so many to choose from, and short of buying or making enough of this frozen dessert to fill an ice cream parlor, you want to make certain you have a selection that will satisfy your guests. 

What's a party planner to do? The answer is don't complicate things. Keep your ice cream selection to two or three different flavors that you know your guests will enjoy and you won't mind eating in the event of leftovers. Simplicity is really the key to serving this dessert, which may have you wondering: How much do you need, and should you serve it in cups or cones? 

Do you need gallons or pints of ice cream for a party?

The amount of ice cream you need is obviously dependent on how many people you are serving. If you are purchasing gallons of your favorite ice cream brand, it may be helpful to know that they contain about 16 cups per gallon and you want to plan for approximately one and a half cups per person. So, if you are having 10 people over for your sweet soiree, you want to have one gallon or seven and a half pints. 

Of course, once you settle on the flavors you want to serve, how you serve your ice cream can be equally as important, but again, keep it simple. Cute paper cups, sugar or cake cones — it's really a matter of personal preference. Waffle cones and cups are an easy way to satisfy everyone and keep your clean-up easy. If you decide to have some sugary toppings on hand to make it even sweeter, don't go overboard. Sometimes fewer decisions are a gift to guests.