Elevate Cold Brew Coffee With A Cherry Twist

Maybe you've seen cold brew coffee presented like an old fashioned with twists of orange or have been served an iced coffee drink garnished with spears of fresh raspberry. Adding the juice of maraschino cherries can also bring out the natural sweetness found in your cold coffee blends. Though fruit and coffee may not be the first pairing that comes to mind when considering the two ingredients, the sweetness of berries and fruits can complement the rounder, smoother notes found in your preferred coffee drinks. 

Plop an entire cherry into your drink for a festive and flavorful complement to your cup of joe, and savor the complexities that are brought to the front of your tasting experience with the simple and quick fruity addition. The combination is so delightful that some growers have set out to produce coffees that amplify cherry notes and offer a sweet and lively drink that can be enjoyed morning or afternoon.

A new caffeinated flavor pairing

When experimenting with coffee and cherry flavor pairings, start conservatively, adding spoonfuls of maraschino cherry juice at a time and stirring thoroughly before sampling your drink to assess the flavor of the beverage. If you discover that you enjoy the taste, you can always add more spoonfuls of cherry juice or drop pieces of cherry into your drink for an extra boost. Additionally, try incorporating Luxardo maraschino cherries into your iced cold coffee drinks for a sweet and tart finish. 

Before long, you may find yourself craving the unique flavor combination as you look for other ways to enjoy cherry's tart sweetness married with the round, bitter smoothness of coffee. Whether serving coffee ice cream with handfuls of fresh cherries, topping coffee milkshakes with drizzles of cherry syrup, or making coffee-flavored caked with bits of dried cherry baked into each slice, you may have discovered a new world of culinary creativity that you won't want to leave.