You Only Need Egg Whites For Perfectly Crunchy Chicken Breading

If you stay true to the simple, regimented steps of making crispy chicken, it results in delicious dinners, in most any form. From chicken tenders to a chicken sandwich, washing the chicken, patting it dry, and dipping it into flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs is a hard pattern to mess up.

While the combination never fails, one tends to ask: Can that chicken be crispier? The answer is yes, and a small switch in ingredients is the key; it unlocks the crunchiest chicken you've always desired. The big secret? Rather than cracking the whole egg into the batter, use only the egg whites.

Over the years, you may have come across health-conscious recipes calling for the yolk to be tossed aside in favor of the egg whites alone. After all, they contain less fat than the yolk. But egg whites also help hold ingredients together, fortifying their flavor. When these whites are paired with the perfect partner of cornstarch, the result is extra crispy chicken.

How to use egg whites and cornstarch for crunchy chicken

The process for frying or baking chicken is largely the same. Using only egg whites, however, requires a doubling up on the amount of eggs employed. First, whisk the egg whites and dip the chicken inside evenly, coating it in the cornstarch afterwards. While those are technically the only two ingredients you need to get crispy chicken, you can still use seasoned flour before placing it in the egg whites if you don't want to pre-season your chicken.

Using the correct oil is another essential element in making the fried chicken. Opt for neutral oils, because those without taste have higher smoke points. Vegetable and peanut oil are great options for frying chicken, because they don't burn as easily. Warm the oil to the proper temperature — otherwise, the chicken will just soak up the oil instead of actually cooking. Let the oil sit somewhere between 300-325 degrees Fahrenheit, and you're on your way to the crispiest chicken you've ever had.