Ina Garten's 3 Secret Ingredients For Rich And Juicy Burgers

We are all in search of that magical ingredient that will produce a rich, juicy hamburger. However, Ina Garten says it isn't one ingredient that's needed to achieve hamburger nirvana, but rather three. Take a gander at the Barefoot Contessa's recipe for her blue cheese burgers, and you will discover the professional chef's go-to trio for a mouthwatering burger: steak sauce, butter, and egg yolks.

Garten mixes her blend of ground sirloin and ground chuck with the egg yolks and steak sauce, along with a little salt and pepper for seasoning before she forms her patties to create a moisture-rich burger. And for a little double assurance, she tops each burger with a little pat of butter, taking extra care to ensure the meat enwraps this decadent fat like a baby in a blanket. So, how do these three ingredients form the key to creating the burger of your chomper's dreams?

Flavor and moisture enriching

Egg yolks, butter, and steak sauce are each moisture-enriching ingredients on their own, but together, they really amplify the overall taste. Egg yolks mixed in with hamburger act similarly to how the yolks work in baked goods. They help lock in moisture and make the end product tender and rich. But egg yolks are also fatty and full of flavor, so they enhance the overall taste of your burger in the process. Steak sauce also adds moisture and a punch of flavor =– which can vary and be a mash-up of sweet, savory, or even spicy depending on the brand you use.

And just to be doubly sure you get that moisture and flavor locked into your ground meat, Garten adds a pat of butter, which is absorbed as the burger cooks, making for a sweet, slightly decadent bite that is delicious and juicy. The Barefoot Contessa recommends letting your burgers rest for at least five minutes before serving them up so all the juices can settle.