How To Easily Remove Baked-On Grease From Your Oven's Glass Door

Cleaning your oven may seem like a tedious task, but it's an essential part of having a properly functioning kitchen. Case in point, a clean oven window isn't just about having a sanitary kitchen tool, it's about having a proper unobstructed view of your roasts, cakes, and casseroles as they cook. This makes it one of the most important things to keep bright and clean. But what should you do if you forgot to do regular maintenance and the glass is now caked with stubborn grease stains? 

You can still wipe the slate clean, you just need a little help from a household cleaning solution and a little bit of elbow grease. This DIY cleaning solution is amazingly simple to mix together and requires ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and water are all you need to start eroding the grease away. Other than that, you'll only need a bit of time and a microfiber cloth or non-abrasive sponge to work away at the grease without scratching your glass. 

How to make and use this cleaning solution

To kick things off, make a super grease-fighting paste out of baking soda and a few spoonfuls of water. You'll smear this paste all over the interior glass window with your sponge or cloth, making sure to concentrate it on the particularly stubborn grease patches. Let this paste sit for 10 minutes, allowing the basic baking soda to dissolve the dirt and grease clinging to the glass. Next, you'll make a solution of one part distilled white vinegar to four parts water. You'll then dip another microfiber cloth into this solution and use it to wipe away your baking soda paste. 

Vinegar, an acid, and baking soda, a base, work in concert to help lift and remove the more entrenched grease marks, basically forming a gentle abrasive. From there, you'll dry and polish the glass off until it's perfectly streak free. Keep in mind, you need to work on cleaning your oven when it's completely cool, as cleaning a warm oven can be dangerous. Other than that, it's a fairly straightforward process to get your interior oven door to a sparkling standard.