Swap Mayo With Caesar Dressing For A Tangy Upgrade On Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is an excellent place to deliciously utilize leftover ingredients. Have veggies about to wilt in the crisper? Chop it up and stir it into your tuna salad. Wondering what to do with the remains of your deviled egg appetizer? Tuna salad will save the day. However, if you're feeling tired of this style of meal, there's a technique to take this recipe to even tastier heights by adding a bit of your favorite salad dressing. 

The Caesar salad is beloved for its umami-rich dressing, packing anchovies, egg yolks, parmesan, and so much more into one mixture. Now, imagine what that very same dressing could bring to your tuna salad. For this flavorful hack, you'll use this salad dressing as a substitution for mayonnaise, having it work as a creamy binder and seasoning agent at once. With almost little to no effort, you'll have an expertly dressed batch of tuna salad ready for toast, lettuce, or crackers. 

How to incorporate Caesar dressing in your tuna salad

As the flavors of your Caesar dressing can be quite powerful, it's best to start with a rather plain recipe. Most traditional tuna salad recipes use 1/4 to one cup of mayonnaise, but we recommend you begin on the conservative side, adding 1/4 cup at first and increasing the amount to match the texture and taste you'd like. The main thing to consider when subbing in this type of dressing is to account for the excess salt hidden within the mix. 

Anchovies and parmesan, common ingredients in the dressing, pack quite a sodium-heavy punch, so you may want to hold off seasoning your tuna salad with salt and pepper until the end. Another consideration is a slight difference in texture, as Caesar dressing is looser than mayo. With that in mind, you can thicken things back up with a bit of yogurt or sour cream. Other than that, this flavorful dressing will bring everything you could want for a delicious twist on your next tuna salad.