A Lemon Wedge Could Actually Help You Peel Eggs Quicker

Preparing the perfect deviled eggs or egg salad begins with cooking perfectly boiled eggs. The thinking is that if you can boil water, then you can cook a boiled egg. While that sounds about right in theory, the reality can be quite different. Once you bypass everything that could go wrong while boiling it, like cracking during boiling or overcooking it until it acquires a sulfur-like odor, you're then faced with the frustrating process of egg-peeling.

When peeling boiled eggs, every cook hopes for an easy release of the shell in one swift and simple motion, but more often you end up struggling with stubborn tiny shell pieces that stick to the egg white and rip off chunks in the process. However, the dream of an easy peel and smooth, flawless eggs that'll impress anyone at the dinner table can be achieved using one unassuming ingredient — a lemon wedge. The acidic properties of lemons play a pivotal role in this peeling hack by making the shell more pliable and easier to remove, ensuring a smoother process.

How to use a lemon wedge to make egg-peeling easier

You can use this zesty hack for peeling boiled eggs in two ways — the first method requires a pot of cold water. Place your eggs inside, cut a lemon into wedges, and add one piece to the pot. Bring the water to a boil and let them continue cooking for the required minutes for your desired level of doneness. After this, drain the eggs, cool them by dipping them in cold water for about five minutes, and then peel them.

The other technique is quite similar, only that instead of placing the lemon wedge in the water with the eggs, you squeeze out the juice from the lemon, apply it all over the raw egg using a brush, then place it in the pot of cold water and bring everything to a boil. Using either of these methods, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easily the shell comes off without ripping out the egg white. You can now say goodbye to frustrating peeling experiences and welcome a faster, more efficient way to prepare boiled eggs that will leave you with a beautiful end product.