The Ingredient Sunny Anderson Uses To Add Crunch To Deviled Eggs

Classic deviled eggs are delish, but just because your great-aunt has passed along her recipe to you for this traditional finger food doesn't mean you can't change things up. Deviled eggs are a food that beckons its creator to get creative, which is just what Sunny Anderson does with her crunchy addition. Anderson is definitely a fan of the onion. She charrs them for potato salad, roasts them to go along with her shaved Brussels sprouts, and uses them as a crunchy element to transform her deviled eggs.

"The Cooking for Real" host shared her recipe for deviled eggs on Food Network and revealed she tops them off with a sprinkle of French's crispy fried onions, the very ones your mom uses at Thanksgiving to make that green bean casserole. Those fried pieces add just the right amount of crunch to the smooth and creamy, hard-boiled yolk centers. But the friend onions are not the only ingredient Anderson uses to bring this side dish into the current century.

Jalapeno and lemon zest add a kick to deviled eggs

The professional chef also adds a little chopped-up pickled jalapeño to her rich and creamy mayo, mustard, and yolk mixture to give it a little kick. You can even add a little bit of the brine from the jalapeño to punch it up. Additionally, Anderson uses a little lemon zest to brighten the overall flavor profile of this dish. The spice and the crunchy, sweet taste of the onions make for a lovely bite that will have your guests shoveling these deviled eggs in their mouth.

If you love the idea of really creating a contrast in textures for your deviled eggs, you could also use a sprinkle of crunchy bacon, which will amp up the flavor with its savory and sweet taste. While nothing beats freshly fried bacon, if you are short on time bacon bits could be a good substitute. And if you want something a little more sophisticated, reach for some caviar for a pop of salty goodness.