The Secret Menu Starbucks Frappuccino For Cookie Dough Lovers

Starbucks' secret menu items have made the rounds on social media, and influencers and Starbucks lovers alike have taken to their feeds to share tasty creations and ingenious order hacks. If you enjoy eating raw cookie dough off the spoon or have fond memories of licking cookie dough ice cream off of a freshly made waffle cone, you will want to pay close attention.

Imagine the sweet taste of chewy cookie dough blended into your favorite iced coffee drink. What if we told you that your next Frappuccino order could taste similar to that just-made sweet cookie dough flavor? With a bit of strategic ordering, it can, and your go-to coffee order may never be the same. Though the Cookie Dough Frappuccino will require a series of instructions on your part, your detailed order will begin with your local barista adding pumps of mocha syrup to a standard Cinnamon Dolce Crème Frappuccino.

How to make a Cookie Dough Frappuccino

For that ultimate chocolate chip cookie dough taste, ask for a spoonful or two of java chips to be blended into your drink. The little pieces of texture will mimic the chunks of chocolate or caramel chips found in your favorite cookie dough recipes, and your cold coffee drink will still be fluid enough to suck through a straw. To finish the cookie-like coffee concoction, top the order with chocolate whipped cream and a drizzle of either chocolate or mocha syrup. 

To turn up the dial on your cookie-flavored experience, crumble a chocolate chip cookie on top of the whipped cream. This is the adult version of the stuff your childhood dreams were made of, and if you enjoy the crunch of flaky salt topping your cookies, you may consider sprinkling in a pinch of salt to amplify the flavors found in this sweet beverage to give your drink a bit more of a sophisticated finishing touch.