Peking Duck Is The One Dish David Chang Would Literally Go To Beijing For

Chef David Chang is generous in sharing his opinions of fantastic dishes and must-visit restaurant destinations. On TikTok, Chang oozes praise upon one dish in particular. "I think this is the one food I would just go out of my way to [expletive] eat," he says while watching a chef carve a cooked Peking duck. The crunchy skin holds appeal for many roast duck lovers, not only Chang.

Peking duck originated hundreds of years ago. The word "Peking" is actually an older name referring to what is now called Beijing, and the area has since become known for this dish in particular. Traditionally, meat is carved and served with thinly sliced vegetables and pancakes, and diners roll the ingredients together into a burrito-like sandwich to enjoy. Restaurants serving Peking duck have set out to put their own spin on the recipe by varying the kinds of woods used in the roasting process, flavoring the thin pancakes with herbs and spices, and procuring specially-raised waterfowl for the roast.

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If you do find yourself in Beijing to try the delicacy for yourself, plan on choosing from an array of menus, with plates of duck starting at around $11 per person. Of course, you can get as fancy as you want with bells-and-whistles dining experiences and side dishes, but for Chang, a simple order of Peking duck might be enough to satisfy cravings for the unforgettable dish.


#duet with @chefswordsworks #gourmeffe #pekingduck #duck #duckskin #beijing proper Peking's the food I love and covet the most. I would get on a plane and fly to Beijing just to eat if I had the free time....crispy rendered out duck skin...fuck Nothing beats it

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While Chang is ready to hop on a plane to Beijing for crispy duck skin and moist, tender meat, it might be possible to create a similar meal for yourself at home. The rich, gamey recipe takes time to cook, but when stuffed and served with a side of potatoes and fruit like pears and figs, carved roasted duck makes for a satisfying dinner that is well worth the three-hour cook time. It's no wonder Chang is willing to catch a flight to experience the sumptuous roast made by professionals. "Nothing beats it," he explains.