Basil Is The Unexpected Herb Your BLT Is Missing

A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich — BLT for short — is a classic American staple. The sandwich's simple and accessible ingredients make it a beloved dish with plenty of room to experiment. Incorporating basil into your BLT is an easy way to use seasonal produce and bring a fresh flavor to the mix, elevating the sandwich to a BBLT. Doesn't this one by Wishbone Kitchen look amazing? Basil is a great herb to experiment with because it can commonly be found at grocery stores, farmer's markets, or even at your local gardening center. Plus, who can resist the combination of a juicy fresh tomato with the herbal bite of basil?

Plus as a rule of thumb, aiming to eat seasonal produce that grows around the same times ensures a flavorful experience. A common phrase is "What grows together, goes together." Summer is a great season for basil, tomatoes, and some lettuce. Pairing seasonal produce elevates your sandwich experience and is a greener way to shop.

Ways to use basil on your BBLT

Basil can be used in a variety of ways for your meal. You can opt for using whole leaves, which will give you the most flavor. If you're a basil lover you may want to try this version, plus keeping the herb whole offers stronger digestive and antioxidant benefits. Whole basil leaves act like another vegetable component — if you love the fresh taste of a BLT, this addition can help elevate these flavors.

If you like basil but don't want to eat whole basil leaves you can try incorporating basil into the spreads for your sandwich. Pesto or basil mayo pair surprisingly well with the light flavors of a BLT. You can either buy jarred pesto or make your own bright and fresh pesto and add it to the sandwich after toasting your bread to help warm the pesto. Basil mayo can be made either by using a food processor or finely chopping your basil and gently folding it into your mayo.