It's Best To Use Fresh Meat For Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a popular Chinese-American takeout dish that's irresistibly delicious. It's also surprisingly simple to make — fill your store-bought wrapper with a mixture of vegetables and ground meat filling, roll it up and seal, then deep fry until golden brown and crispy. But even with such a straightforward cooking process, some common mistakes can lead to a lackluster appetizer that's nothing like the rolls you were craving. However, one secret to taking your egg rolls from good to great lies in the use of fresh meat. The idea is simple, fresher meat means tastier egg rolls.

In authentic Chinese egg rolls, the filling is ideally made using Chinese roasted or barbequed pork that is later shredded into thin pieces. However, this cooking method has evolved with time and now you'll find that most egg roll recipes call for sautéed ground meat. By cooking fresh ground beef or chicken in a little oil on a skillet, you end up with a juicier filling and it's for this reason that using a fresh version is preferred over leftovers. Fresh meat infuses the egg roll filling with rich flavors and natural juices, resulting in an unbeatable culinary experience.

The power of fresh meat in your egg roll filling

We get it, it's so easy, even convenient, to open your refrigerator and grab that dish of leftover beef or chicken that you had for dinner two nights ago and start making egg rolls, especially when in a pinch. But if you're looking for the best appetizers to impress family or guests at your party, then fresh, high-quality meat serves as the foundation for creating egg rolls that are bursting with flavor and juiciness. Beyond taste, the texture of fresh meat enhances the overall enjoyment of egg rolls. 

And with an array of choices available, you can easily experiment and tailor your egg rolls to suit different preferences. From succulent chicken and juicy pork to tender beef or even a medley of seafood, the possibilities are endless, allowing for diverse and exciting variations. So, the next time you're making egg rolls, remember to prioritize fresh meat to unlock the true potential of this classic favorite.