Butter And Salt Is All You Need To Transform Raisins

Those golden raisins that have been sitting inside your kitchen pantry are in for a serious upgrade — we're talking a gourmet food fix that will change the way you look at the ingredient forever. The kinds of raisins we have in mind aren't your dried, shriveled pieces of fruit you find sprinkled on top of oatmeal or stirred into pancake mix. Get ready to bite into plump, buttery, and salty fruit instead. With minimal effort, your jars of dried raisins can be transformed into sweet, juicy treats that can be enjoyed alone as an afternoon snack or incorporated into your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dessert recipes.

First, melt unsalted butter in a skillet, and add your preferred flavors and aromatics. Himalayan salt, lemon zest, and flakes of basil can add tantalizing depth to the warm buttery concoction. Next, add dried raisins and cook the fruit for two or three minutes until the small orbs become warm and juicy in their beurre bath.

Cooking up a burst of buttery flavor

With the simple addition of butter and salt, those hard pieces of dried fruit will be converted into deliciously satisfying sweet treats that can be smothered onto toast or folded into baked treats like the cookies, bread puddings, cakes, or galettes you're planning to set into the oven later on. From waffles to salads to ice cream, buttery, salted raisins can bring unexpected sweetness to countless recipes. 

After sampling these buttery, seasoned bites of warm fruit, your typical purchases of dried raisins to fill in your kitchen cupboards will become prized culinary possessions. No longer forlorn ingredients tossed into granola bars and cookie recipes, buttery raisins may find centerstage in your household, and with time, you may find yourself experimenting with buttering up other kinds of dried fruit. Dried cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, and papaya all make suitable candidates for skillets of warm butter that can be enhanced with salt.