Charred Fruit Is The Seasonal Ingredient That Will Add More Flavor To S'mores

Everyone loves a good s'more. The perfectly roasted marshmallow on top of the melted chocolate, combined with the satisfying crunch of the graham cracker is enough to make anyone want seconds. But if you want to tantalize your taste buds even more, try upgrading your s'more by adding charred fruit. Roasting fruit over a campfire may sound like an unnecessary extra step, but you won't regret it. The fruit becomes soft and sweet, almost like a jam, and blends perfectly with the gooey marshmallow and chocolate.

So what fruits make a great add-on for s'mores? Strawberries are ideal since they pair well with chocolate and become ultra-sweet from the heat. Peaches are another fruit that chars well and caramelizes when roasted. Pineapple is a great fruit for grilling and works well as a tangy sweet addition to your s'more. You can also try roasted pitted cherries for a sweet and slightly tart flavor. Any fruit that's not too soft or overripe will hold up in the fire, so don't be afraid to try others like blueberries, blackberries, pears, melon, apples, and bananas. You can even turn it into a fun campfire game and see who comes up with the best fruity s'more creation.

How to roast fruit over a fire

Whether you're sitting around an outdoor campfire or using a tabletop fire pit for your s'mores, charring fruit is as easy as roasting a marshmallow with just a tad more preparation. For strawberries and cherries, remove or cut the stems before roasting. You can also use a wooden skewer to pit fresh cherries before you char them. These fruits stick well onto a roasting skewer, making it easy to do multiple pieces at one time. For pineapples and peaches, cut them into bite-sized pieces so they aren't too heavy and won't fall off the skewer. Depending on your preferences, you can leave the skin on the peaches or remove it. 

Once skewered, stick the fruit into the flame to char it, then remove it and hold it near the fire for indirect heat. If you want the fruit to combine with the chocolate, layer it between the chocolate and marshmallow on your graham cracker. Alternatively, you can put the fruit on top so the juices soak nicely into the marshmallow. 

If you want to speed up the process, you can stick the fruit and marshmallow on one skewer and roast them together. Or, you can skip the graham cracker and create a dessert skewer, alternating different pieces of fruit and marshmallows on your skewer and roasting it over the fire. Once they're nice and toasty, stick them on a plate and drizzle with chocolate syrup (honey and caramel also go great with peaches) for an extra tasty dessert.