The Starbucks Keychain Hack For A Last-Minute Shot Glass

As Starbucks' reusable tumblers continue to become more popular, the coffee chain keeps coming up with new ways to expand the line with new collections coming out each year for spring, summer, and fall, as well as cups for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Pride Month. An interesting feature of the Starbucks keychain tumblers that makes them more functional than one might assume on first glance is that their lids are not just for decoration, they are fully functional and screw off to reveal a few ounces of space inside the cups. That could potentially make the baubles — which are also marketed around the holidays as ornaments — usable for subtly carrying breath mints or medication or emergency hairpins with you at all times. 

However, one TikTok user had a more fun idea. TikTok influencer @CrownMeCutie tested the cup to see if it actually holds liquid and was delighted to find it does function as a cup, making the knick-knack an unusually portable, and very stylish, shot glass. While the need for a "shot keychain," as @CrownMeCutie dubs the collectible, may be limited on the go, the idea has since gone viral and there is no doubt it would make for a popular, fun conversation starter to pull out at parties. It could also function as a good, silly gift to go with a bottle of alcohol.

Portable Party Accessory

While you could certainly use the Starbucks tumbler chains for shots on the go, more realistically, it could just stay at home with the rest of your barware where it could at least be put to good use when you want a pop of whimsy the next time you're serving up fancy shots.

In addition to the wide array of colors that are continually rolled out in limited quantities, Starbucks also keeps creating new styles. Some of the most popular are the studded tumblers that took cup collecting to new heights in 2019. Capitalizing on the popularity of the tumblers, Starbucks has also introduced a miniature version of the iconic cold cup in 2021, which comes complete with a tiny straw and lid attached to a short chain and keyring. The cup is listed on the Starbucks website as a keychain and sells for $12.95, though the usefulness of the cute accessory is a bit unclear even for coffee enthusiasts; after all, you can really only have so many large chunks of plastic hanging off your keyring or bag at any time.