It's Too Hot Not To Experiment With Cold Mashed Potatoes

Listen, potatoes are objectively good all year-round. No matter what form we enjoy our spuds in, whether it's crispy fries, steaming baked potatoes, or sweet potato pie, no weather pattern can stop us from digging into our starchy favorites. When it comes to mashed potatoes, though, the dish does emit a cozy fall vibe. The warm, fluffy side is a must-have on our Thanksgiving tables and a great pairing with in-season winter root vegetables. That said, if you're still craving mashed potatoes in the midst of the summer heat, we have a solution for you.

It turns out, cold mashed potatoes are a thing, and they're delicious when mixed into a salad. Wondering why you'd experiment with a new potato dish when chilled traditional potato salad is already a cookout hit? For those in the know, creating a cold and creamy mashed potato salad will keep your family and friends talking all season long. Whether you're hosting a pool party or your annual barbecue, this unique crowd-pleaser deserves a spot on your picnic table.

Your new summer staple

This mashed potato and potato salad combination is a match made in potato heaven. The silky smooth texture, seasoned taste, and cooling result is worth all the mashing and whipping this kind of recipe entails. The beginning of the process is very similar to making mashed potatoes the classic way. Boil and mash the spuds until the consistency is lump-free. (Although, those who prefer their potatoes on the chunkier side are free to let the lumps live.) Then, it's time to add in the flavorings. This part is very customizable. Blending in condiments like mustard, sour cream, or mayonnaise is a great call back to the potato salad flavors this dish draws upon. Seasonings are also important. You can add salt, onion or garlic powder, paprika, or other spices that you think may pair well. And, don't forget to top it with chives before serving cold!

The savory result with a surprisingly smooth texture will keep all your loved ones reaching for more this summer. So, whether you're celebrating a summertime birthday or gathering your family at your local lake for a picnic, make sure to pack this cool side dish for a true crowd-pleaser.