What Is Crumbl Cookies Mystery Flavor Map?

Even if you've already decided upon your favorite Crumbl cookie flavor, you may want to download Crumbl's mobile app. The app gives you access to the cookie company's mystery flavors, and since specific locations serve up unique flavors during the company's Mystery Weeks — in addition to the weekly rotating lineup of cookies — you may want to leave your house prepared with Crumbl's flavor map.

Though the beloved cookie company is known for keeping menus changing, during Crumbl's Mystery Week, stores can change their mystery cookie flavors daily. The exact mystery flavors being served at each location are only visible on the map found in the app, however, so if you want to strategize your Crumbl visits accordingly, you'll need the app to be in the know. The flavor map is location-based so you can easily view the flavors served in your area, or if you're curious, see what kinds of flavors your friends are experiencing on the opposite coast.

A sweet adventure

No two Crumbl stores are the same, so armed with the flavor map, you can plan to visit multiple locations in one day to sample various mystery cookies. While you can visit one store and find an Andes Green Mint cookie as the mystery flavor, you could also be met with a S'Mores cookie, an Oreo Mallow Sandwich, or an Almost Everything Bagel cookie. And the most dedicated of cookie lovers may even travel to get their hands on a delicious new flavor.  

Though Crumbl began business operations serving only chocolate chip cookies, the company's dedication to churning out new flavors and experimenting with ingredients has kept cookie-loving customers coming back for more. From Rocky Road, Blueberry Cheesecake, Milk Glaze with Fruity Pebbles, or Churro, Crumbl has done a solid job of keeping adventurous-loving sweet eaters satisfied. And with Crumbl's flavor map, cookie lovers will be able to appease sugar cravings while satiating their hunger for mystery, travel, and delicious cookie flavors.