Ina Garten's Ideal Last Meal Is A Paris Fast Food Hot Dog

Ina Garten may be known for making her own vanilla extract, roasting the perfect chicken dinner, and hosting beautiful dinners in the Hamptons, but her last meal is something we can all relate to. The "Barefoot Contessa" star shared with Today that her ideal last meal on earth would be a hot dog and fries. Of course, this is where relatability takes a bit of a dive because Garten's frankfurter of choice would come from an eatery in Paris, France. She stated, "It would be a hot dog from Frenchie To Go in Paris. It's unbelievable." 

Since it is a last meal, the cookbook writer wouldn't stop there. Garten went on to explain, "Gregory Marchand makes his own hot dogs and they are so good. And since I don't have to worry about dying young, I would have French fries with it." She must really love it because the celebrity cook doubled down on her feelings for this food, sharing a photo of it on Instagram and calling it the "best lunch ever." 

What makes Frenchie To Go hot dogs so good

Unfortunately, Frenchie's To Go recently closed its doors in June 2023. So while Garten will always have her Parisian memories, she may have to rethink her last meal. However, when it was open, Marchand served up American favorites like beef franks, macaroni and cheese, and pastrami sandwiches. Of course, these were not the typical hot dogs you get from a New York street vendor or at a ballpark. 

Frenchie's To Go started with a bun that was crafted at a bakery called Terriors D'Avenir which was just at the end of the street where the eatery was located. The bun alone would make for a fancy hot dog, but the frankfurter itself was also rather chichi made with 100% smoked Shorthorn beef. Served on a bed of house-made sauerkraut and topped with swirls of Savora sauce which is a French mustard, Frenchie's To Go transformed this favorite fast food into something truly special for the tastebuds.