One Of David Chang's All-Time Favorite Restaurants Is In Istanbul

David Chang recognizes Istanbul may not be the first destination that comes to a food lover's mind when plotting bucket list destinations, but the chef maintains that the city should be a serious contender for must-experience culinary adventures. Chang took to TikTok to let viewers in on one of his favorite finds just outside the city, a restaurant named Bayramoğlu Döner. In fact, Chang describes the establishment as "one of the best restaurants in the world."

From servings of salads made with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, sides of pickled chili peppers, and bread made from scratch in the kitchen, visitors' taste buds are well rewarded for making the trek to discover this haunt. Though Bayramoğlu Döner only serves döner kebabs with complementary sides like french fries, you'll need to indicate to the staff that you have had enough (otherwise plates and refills will keep coming). You certainly won't go hungry here.

A restaurant well worth the journey

Chang himself toured the kitchen at Bayramoğlu Döner to observe the chefs hard at work prepping food, assembling kebabs, and stoking wood-burning fireplaces. Meat is sliced from spits placed on alternate ends of the restaurant, and chefs stack juicy slices of tender protein on top of yufka bread, Turkey's traditional flatbread.

While describing the restaurant and the flavors represented on the menu, Chang resorts to several expletives, confirming his approval and the need for travelers who find themselves in Turkey to make their way to this restaurant. He isn't alone. As one Yelp reviewer confessed, "I was in Istanbul for two weeks on a business trip and ate at Bayramoğlu Döner five times. It was that good!" Chang adds that not only are the meals here delicious, but the restaurant's ability to accommodate up to 4,000 guests in a day makes the service and food even more impressive.

Don't anticipate a visit to Istanbul in the near future? Fire up your grill and prepare grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs or turkey kofta kebabs to address any hunger pangs inspired by Chang's recommendations right at home.